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Acai Berry Brings Exciting News For Beauty Experts And Manufacturers

There is a palm tree in Central and South America that has gained international fame in recent years. This palm grows fifteen to thirty metres and has giant leaves up to three metres long. The natural habitats for the famed trees are swamps and floodplains.

It is the long reddish and purple berry that grows on the tree that is coveted by so many people. The fruit is a relative of the blueberry and like that super fruit it has a reputation for aiding in the fight against aging and weight loss. To add to an already good thing the acai berry is now being used in cosmetic products.

Similar to a grape this new elite berry is harvested off from branches that contain seven to nine hundred fruits. There is only one seed that is relatively large in comparison to the size of the actual berry. The locals in the communities the acai berry is grown say that it is the most important crop they harvest.

It is the antioxidants the fruit provides that has caused such a stir in the health community. Antioxidants help fight against stressors and combat harmful free radicals that can wreck havoc on a body. Heart disease and cancer are two bodily risks that some believe can be prevented with an antioxidant rich diet.

There have been claims now that the acai berry can enhance sexual performance or increase flagging energy levels. The list of benefits continues, cementing the fruit as a sought after, even magical ingredient for different health issues.

The exciting news for beauty experts and manufacturers is the acai oil has been proven to have superior antioxidant activity. More studies are showing that the oil of the acai palm can effectively and safely be used in facial creams and body creams as well as shampoos and conditioners. The secret is that even after the oil is processed and kept long term it is still an antioxidant powerhouse.

The berry is available worldwide in a variety of forms. There are powered acai options to be used in smoothies and acai tablet to be taken as a supplement. Still, just consuming the berry itself is very good for you and what most people, who grow the berry locally, prefer to do. In Brazil the berry is eaten just as any other fruit, often in granola or as an ice-cream flavor.

Whether or not the berry can live up to its rock star reputation remains to be seen. There have been several eye brow raising claims that have yet to be proven. Can it actually reverse diabetes or other chronic illnesses as some proclaim it can? No scientist has been able to prove that. Can it really expand the penis or increase sexual attractiveness in women? Still, not yet a proven ability.

The solid truth is that the acai berry packs powerful punch for such a small fruit and does contain the powerful and proven affects of antioxidants. Consuming the berry can only be beneficial and enjoyable.

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