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Perfect Supplement Perfect Acai

Perfect Supplement Perfect Acai - Website

Perfect Supplement Perfect Acai is a dietary supplement that gives one the many benefits of the acai berry in a tablet form which is easy to take.

According to the website, several of the benefits include, but are not limited to: strengthened immune system, increased libido, increased energy, and an overall increase in vitality.

Each Perfect Supplement Acai tablet is composed of entirely one hundred percent acai berry (not an extract, which may have some of its nutritional value diminished during extraction), which is freeze dried upon harvest to ensure maximum freshness and health value, with no flowing agents, gelling agents or other fillers used.

Each tablet contains around 500mg acai berry. Morever, Perfect Supplement claims the tablets are certified organic and contain no gelatin or animal products, making them safe for vegetarians and even vegans. 

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Overall Consumer Rating:


Perfect Supplement Perfect Acai does work as stated. It is worth considering as an option for boost in overall health, improve one's mood, increase in energy, helper dietary supplement with dieting program, and daily dose of vitamins for users.


Actual Customer Feedback:

"This is absolutely the best source of Acai I have found."
Actual user comment on

"I've been using acai berry products for a couple of months now and I've noticed that yes they do work. I used them when I wanted to trim off about 15lbs..."
Portion of actual user feedback on

"I did look at different diet supplements like alli, slim fast. goji berry, and others. I chose perfect acai because it's not a gimmick…It has more antioxidants than red grapes, and helped increase my metabolism which in turn helped me lose the weight faster."
Portion of actual user feedback on

"Short of visiting Brazil and harvesting your own berries, Perfect Acai is the best way to get more of the great benefits of acai into your diet today, without any hassle. I've tried other products, but there's a reason why I stick with Perfect Acai: it's more pure, it works better and it's easy – start today, you won't regret it!"
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"I felt great taking this Acai, more energy, and aches and pains had reduced..."
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Our Research on Perfect Supplement Perfect Acai Suggests:

According to the general online consensus (where research is based on unbiased, non-vested comments & articles), Perfect Supplement Perfect Acai is an effective acai dietary supplement. Consumers have experience positive results taking the product with increase in energy, improve in one's mood, overall health benefits, and even help with weight loss. 

According to some customers, they are satisfied with the quality of the product, and among brands it seems to be an good dietary supplement based on the acai berry. Some have said it may indeed be the purest and healthiest acai supplement out on the market today.

Go to the Official Perfect Supplement Perfect Acai Website


Company Information:

Perfect Acai is a brand name owned by Paul Morelli. The domain name ( was registered under this company in 2007.

Perfect Supplements is the company behind Perfect Acai. They are based in New England, where they quietly keep to their motto, which is to “search the globe for Perfect Supplements… so you don’t have to”.

Company Website:

For more information about this company, you may want to search the BBB

Product Specifications:

Ingredients: Freeze Dried Organic Acai (palmberry fruit): 1,000mg

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Capsule (cellulose).

Promo: Order 2 bottles and save $10.00 for each bottle. Order 6 and save $12.00 for each bottle. Order 12 or more and save $14.00 for each bottle. Free shipping for orders over $99.00. 

Each bottle is 120 Vegetable Capsule. Take 2-8 capsules per day. Store in cool places.


$39.95 - 1 bottle (120 capsules)

Return Policy: 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Official [Perfect Supplement Perfect Acai] Homepage


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