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Viva! Acai

Viva! Acai - Website

Viva! Acai is an all-natural juice that combines the health benefits of two fruits, acai berry and pomegranate. Acai berry and pomegranate are recognized as “superfruits” as they provide many nutritional benefits and they both have excellent antioxidant properties.

According to the website, Viva! Acai is a product that will absolutely help the consumer health improve as its main ingredients have very high nutrient content. It has a high nutrient density and also contain Vitamin B12, according to them.

It means that it has a high number of nutrients per calorie consumed. There are lots of researches conducted on the nutritional and antioxidant benefits of both fruits, and all of them prove to be promising.

Morever, according to them, for just a quarter of an ounce a day, one can get the superior health benefits from Viva! Acai. It contains powerful antioxidants that prevent cellular damage. It increases energy levels, improves cardiovascular and muscular health and lowers cholesterol levels.

Go to the Official Viva! Acai Website


Overall Consumer Rating:


Viva! Acai does effectively work as stated. It provide excellent source of health benefits, B12, and antioxidants properties.

It is worth considering as an option for users in generally in poor health, or have joint problems. Morever, it can be taken to improve one's mood and energy level, and as a daily souce of antioxidants properties, B12, and vitamins.


Actual Customer Feedback:

"This product helped me with my joint pain."
Actual user feedback on

"I first thought that Viva! Acai is another acai scam. But when I tried it, it did improve my health. I felt less tired and I have better digestive health..."
Portion of actual user review on

"Viva! Acai really boosts my energy level without any of the jitters associated with other dietary supplements. It also tastes great! I would recommend Viva! Acai to anyone trying to lose weight or get (and remain) healthy."
Actual user review on

", the difference I feel in only a couple of days. Way less tired, dont have the urge to drink coffee, soooo much calmer throughout the day (especially when things get hectic) to the point that others have noticed it, I feel like I am thinking more clearly and using the bathroom more regularly..."
Portion of actual user testimonial on

Our Research on Viva! Acai Suggests:

According to the general online consensus (where research is based on unbiased, non-vested comments & articles), Viva! Acai is an effective acai berry drink that provide antioxidants properties, Vitamin B12, overall health improvement, increase in energy and many more health benefits.

Many users that have taken Viva! Acai all say that the product is indeed effective and genuine. According to some customer, they indicated that the product is indeed good for their overall health. Many customers claim that the product improved and ease their joint pain.

Go to the Official Viva! Acai Website


Company Information:

Viva! Acai is a brand name owned by Synflex America, Inc. The domain name ( was registered under this company in 2007.

Synflex America started in 1999 by owner J.R Rogers. He started marketing Syn-flex, a glucosamine formula for arthritis. Since Syn-flex, Synflex America has become the largest supplier of glucosamine and other health products around the world.

Company Website:

For more information about this company, you may want to search the BBB

Product Specifications:

Ingredients: Acai Berry, Pomegranate, and Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12).

An Order of 3 bottles, for $69.99
An Order of 6 bottles, Offer $20.00 Off
An Order of 9 bottles, Offer $30.00 Off
An Order of 12 bottles, Offer $72.00 Off

Recommended dose: ounce a day. Contain Vitamin B12.
Each container offer 32 days of supply.

Price: $24.95 - 32-Day Supply
Return Policy: 32 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Official [Viva! Acai] Homepage


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